What is a Basic Website

As far as web design and websites are concerned there is really no limit to what can be done.


The reality is though that the more complex the web design for your website the more it needs to be altered and kept up to date and have all the extras that help big business.  It is not uncommon for a large business to spend upward of $30,000 on a website.

For a small to medium business, a massive expense on web design and a website is not an option.  Lots of business owners dont even believe that they need a website or want to spend money on webs design.  But in this day and age it is almost a necessity for every business to have a website.  So why just have a basic website?

The term basic refers only to the fact that your web design and website will be 'still'.  That is to say that a basic website is really an online brochure.  There are no shopping carts, blogs or wiki's as these are not needed.  It is a 24 hour salesperson telling your potential customers about what you do and what you offer.


Whether you believe you need web design and a professional and affordable basic website or not, is up to you.  But do some research amongst your friends & employees and ask how people find out their information about a business, usually before they purchase.  Research shows that people search online to see what a business does or offers before they go to the business in person or call.  People want to know your opening times, payment methods, and many other things.  They find this information from websites!  A basic website will allow you to have this information for potential customers.


So getting your web design for a professional and affordable basic website built by the Basic Website Builder will cost you money.  BUT it will be much less than many other companies are charging!  The question you have to ask yourself is - does getting a basic website built cost me money or make me money.  Yes there is some outlay but how much new business are you losing by NOT having a basic website.  Consider having web design done by Basic Website Builder.