How the Basic Website Builder process works

Any web design, including a professional and affordable basic website is a time consuming and specialist job.  There are a lot of inclusions and behind the scenes work that go into the set up and web design of a basic website.

Luckily though with good planning and preparation it is possible that the process of getting your website built doesn't need to be a painful experience.  We have set out below what you can expect when you contact Basic Website Builder.

1. Consultation

The first thing that will happen when you contact us is that we will have a discussion to ensure that what you want is what we specialise in.


Once this is achieved we will schedule an appointment at a time that suits you to come and discuss your specific needs (provided you are in our geographic location).  Otherwise we will arrange a time that a call or skype can be arranged.  This also gives us a starting point on what it is that you potentially want from your basic website.


During this stage we will also provide you with our standard service contract and explain the process fully.  During this stage it is important that you are specific about what you like and see as being important for your website.


This is certainly the most important stage as we will discuss pretty much everything necessary to make this project a reality from Domain names, hosting, emails, logos, colours, information, additional services, ongoing maintenace and so much more.


The more information that you can have available the better the process will be from your end.  Not so much the specifics but more an idea on what you want from your web design and basic website and then the web design, colors, pictures, etc.

2. Web Design concepts

Once we have been to see you and discussed what you want from your professional and affordable basic website we can get started on designing an overall concept and  web design.  We will supply this to you and allow you input so that the overall look and feel are exactly what you want. The web design is an import aspect as the web design speaks of the overall professionalism of your site.

3. Supply of Information

Once we have been to see you and discussed what you want from your web design of a professional and affordable basic website we can get started on building it. Because every business is different we do not know exactly what information is important for you.  We can guide you and will make some minor changes for SEO reasons but ultimately the content and any special photos, images or logos that you require will have to be supplied by you.

4. Web
Design & Built

Once we have all the logos, information and pictures from you we will get stuck in to the web design and build your professional and affordable basic website.  This is the most time consuming part of the process from our end.


We will communicate with you during this web design process to let you know where we are up to and to request any additional information that may present itself during building.

5. Changes made

Once we have done your web design in Bundaberg and your basic website is built we will provide the built website to you for perusal before it is 'Live' for others to see.


During this phase we will allow changes to the website.


We will make the necessary changes and then provide to you for a final approval.  These 2 opportunites for changes are standard and any changes over this will incur a fee.

6. Website goes Live

Once the necessary minor changes to your web design are made your website is ready to go 'Live'.


Depending on what you have chosen we will either set up your website with your Domain and ensure that everything is running smoothly or we will provide the information necessary to your IT provider so they may make this happen.

7. Extra's added

Depending on the extras that you have decided upon there can be a need for us to make some final changes for you.


If you have chosen other options we can then make sure that these all happen for you as well.

8. Finalisation

At this point we will either do 1 of 2 things depending on your agreement with us.

1. We will look after your website and make any changes that you require over time (as agreed in your contract)

2. We will hand over all log in details to whomever you request us to, so they may manage the website for you.