What extras are available on a Basic Website Package:


- Purchase of a Domain name

- WIX 'Premium' package that includes hosting

- Connection to your own Domain Name

- Optimisation of a 'Mobile' website

- Additional 'Search Engine Optimisation'

- Set up of link to your Facebook or Twitter pages

- Ongoing maintenance of your webpage

- Ongoing contract for changes to your website

- Training to you on how to make changes to your website

What additional items would you want in a Custom Website Package:


- Take the Standard 5 Package and then maybe you want to make some changes so that your web design and site better fits you and can accomodate more pages, photos, information, etc.


Some Ideas for Customisation of Website:

- Additional static pages for your website professionally designed

- Additional photos per page (or additional photos in a slideshow)

- Links to PDF's or Youtube or similar

Why not Customise your Standard 5 Website Package