Additional Services

Building a professional and affordable basic website is just the start!  Yes you will have a website that tells your customers about you and your business but to make that work even better for you there are options that you need to consider.  These options will all depend on what it is that you want from your website.

Domain Name Registration

In very simple terms a Domain is the name of you website as it is found on the world wide web.  For example you are currently on the domain of


Domain names are important as they assist you to differentiate your business from the competition.  Most Australian domains end in prefix .au making the most popular of all Australian domain names.


We can assist you with the purchase of your domain and the linking of that domain to your basic website.


Traditionally we recommend Netregistry for the purchase of all domain names and this is a subscription fee for 2 years.

Ongoing Support

From time to time the needs of every website will change. Staff will come and go, menu's will change, your address may change, any number of things could happen.


When they do, you want to be able to change them so your website is up to date.  There is nothing more unprofessional than a website with outdated or incorrect information.


We can do a service contract with you to do these changes as you require, for a reasonable fee.

Mobile Website

In this day and age, more and more searches on the net are done on a mobile device.  We do web design and build our websites on a HTML5 system which allows your website to be seen on a mobile device. 


While the transfer of data and layout from your professional and affordable basic website to a mobile site is pretty simple, there is some tweaking needed so that it can be viewed optimaly on a mobile device. Included as part of your web design in Bundaberg we are able to set up this mobile website for you. 

Hosting your website

A website regardless of its size or the number of hits it gets is required to be 'hosted'.  Put simply this means that a server holds the information on your website so that the information is accesable to anyone who looks at your website.


As part of where your website will be built, we recommend a Premium package which includes hosting of your website, once we have done the web design and the final website is built.

SEO or Search Engine

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO as is commonly known) is a very important aspect of the web these days.  To describe it simply, SEO means that major search engines like Google can find your page and by using markers their servers will recognise your website and improve its listing.


This technology changes almost daily and is a very expert field.  To believe that you can have a website and expect to be high on Google (or even listed at all) is a myth.  In do your web design and building your website we will ensure that some key areas of SEO are covered so that Google will recognise your website.  Depending on many factors this may mean that your website is not listed high in a google search.


If it is important to you to be found on Google, etc then you will have to spend some additional $$$ getting some assistance with this.  We can put you in touch with the right people for this.