Basic Website Builder is a business that came about as a matter of chance. For web design Rick is not classically trained in web design or graphic design. Instead Rick is a business person who is very good with ideas and web design, together with pratical experience in business and building websites.


Over the years Rick has had the need to do web design and build a number of professional and affordable basic websites for companies that he has managed.  The web design and websites did not need all the bells and whistles but were needed to inform customers of what that business was all about while letting them know key elements like opening times, staff, menu's, etc.


Rick started doing web design in Bundaberg and building these basic websites through a website called and was pleased with the results.  While there are hours of work involved in web design and building a basic website and getting it right, the simple fact is that the many thousands of $$$$$$ that is being charged to do web design and build websites these days is beyond many small business budgets and that is why Rick built his own.

Over the last few years there have been business associates and friends that have needed a basic website built and have required web design and Rick has been able to help them out with their web design needs and in building a basic website, while also growing and improving his skills in web design and website building.


Through years of business experience Rick has found that there are many businesses that should have a website that do not because they can either not afford the outlay or really do not know where to start when it comes to a website or with web design. Offering web design Rick is able to offer these small to medium businesses the opportunity to have a professional looking website.


So Basic Website Builder was born, offering web design in Bundaberg at a very reasonable price.  In most cases the price to have a website built by Basic Website Builder is often 1/3 to 1/2 of the cheapest quote that a business has.


So there it is, pretty basic really.......a Basic Website at a reasonable price.  Enquire today with Basic Website Builder!!!!

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